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hello this is
Where you decide to publish should align with the original goals of the video 1?hello this is?? Upload to YouTube and Other Video Sharing Sites YouTube is the second largest search engine and an incredibly popular video viewing website Twenty-four hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds! 1 Create a YouTube Account if you havent yet Edit it with your information, logo, etc??hello this is?? 2 Upload your first video 3 Add an intriguing title and add tags that folks might use to search for a video like yours???hello this is? 4 Add a URL linking to your website (or a link of your choice) at the beginning of the video description, followed by a sentence or two about your video 5 Save and publish! Page 14 of 18 Tweet this eBook Pro Tip: If you are uploading an HD video, keep it private while it is processing so your viewers first impression is crystal clear video! YouTube only accepts videos that are 10 minutes or fewer??hello this is?? Some video sites that accept longer videos are Vimeo, Viddler and Bliptv Note: Be careful about uploading overly promotional content to free video sharing sites It occasionally violates the sharing site's terms of service
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hello this is
1 Check what kind of audio input your camera uses?hello this is?? (Most likely, it will be XLR or 1/8 inch input) 2 If you are putting a mic on each person, use a soundboard to collect all of your audio feeds Connect the soundboard to the camera??hello this is?? 3 If you dont want to use a soundboard when using two mics, use a splitter to enter two feeds into one jack However, this may decrease the audio quality or cause a slight buzzing sound 4???hello this is? For wireless mics, clip the transmitter onto the person being recorded Make sure they turn the transmitter on! Use a Boom Mic to Record a Scene: If you are recording a video using a hand-held camera, you may want to use a boom mic A boom mic, or shotgun mic, is a directional microphone that connects to the camera For most boom mics, you will need a camera with an XLR input??hello this is?? 4 Use Good Lighting Lighting is an incredibly important factor in video quality Without good lighting, your video could look dark, grainy or even discolored Good light also helps remove awkward shadows and increases the clarity of your picture! One very simple lighting technique is called three-point lighting
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Show-room 2
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